The Camera is a Dangerous Tool

Understanding that educating oneself is an initial step in creating real change, The Camera is a Dangerous Tool was created to use prompts (texts, images, videos, etc.) to launch critical conversations about the power of images. Each week we will share a prompt to investigate photography's relationship to justice, imperialism, propaganda, visibility, sexism, violence, etc., and how we participate in and/or impede these systems. 

To suggest a prompt or discussion focus, please contact Sina BasilaThe Camera is a Dangerous Tool is made possible by BKC and Seeing Collective. Please recognize that these are open discussions initiated by non-experts on these topics. 

We welcome anyone to share ideas or just listen. 

Wednesday, July 1st at 6:30pm:

The prompt is camera angles and monuments.

In this forum we will look at how camera angles have influenced the interpretation of images, and how that same psychology is used when a monument is erected high over the public. Using that same camera angle psychology, how can we think differently about monuments? 

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Wednesday, June 24th at 6:30pm:

The prompt is Teju Cole's article, When the Camera Was a Weapon of Imperialism. (And When It Still Is.) 

Reading the article is not essential to participate in this conversation. In this forum we will discuss how photography was an important tool to enforce imperialism and how our use of “shooting” in reference to taking photos enforces the violence that photography is capable of.

Wednesday, June 17th at 6:30pm:

The prompt is Sarah Lewis's Ted Talk, How Images Shape Our Understanding of Justice

Watching the video is not essential to participate in this conversation. In this forum we will discuss how certain images have ignited political movements and how representation impacts culture. 

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