Photo Café: talks on photography

Photo Café: talks on photography is a conversation series about photography with industry professionals. Here we talk about topics such as analogue photography, education, getting your work seen, and opportunity while also digging deeper to address the impact of systemic inequality. 

Photo Café is a community program open to everyone. We encourage our audience to ask questions, network, and join us in our conversations to create better industry standards for everyone. Photo Café is presented by Seeing Collective (SeeC) and co-hosted by BKC.

Fall 2019 Upcoming Programming:

Sept 27, 2019 // 7pm-9pm at BKC:: Education and Educators: the value and role of teachers, students, and academic resources

Russell Frederick: visual activist, educator, Kamoinge VP 

Iliana Cepero: professor of art history and visual studies at The New School

Marko Jokic: photography educator, and co-founder of Back to the Lab

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Oct 25, 2019 // 7pm-9pm at BKC:: Documenting A Neighborhood: how we document communities

Chrystofer Davis: photographer documenting Newark, NJ

Hidemi Takagi: photographer and creator of “The Bed Stuy Social 'Photo' Club

•Rhynna M Santos- Everyday Bronx curator, Bronx Women’s Photo Collective founder

Nov 22, 2019 // 7pm-9pm at BKC:: Photo Books: different approaches to publishing

Phyllis Galembo: books include Maske (2010/2016) and Mexico, Masks & Rituals (2019)

Colin Stearns: published professor of “Contemporary Photo Books” at Parsons

•Judith Stenneken: self-published Illuminate Naturally in Darkness (2017)

Past Programming:

May 24, 2019 7-9pm at BKC:: A Fair Industry: visibility and opportunity

Speakers: Ariana Faye Allensworth (Photographer & Educator), Jai Lennard (Photographer & Founder of Color Positive), Christian Rodriguez (Photographer & NYC Salt Alumni), Richard Akuson (Founder of A Nasty Boy)

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Video clips:

Committed to Realizing a More Equitable Art World

How is Education/ being an Educator Relevant to your Work as a Photographer?

Creating a Platform for Visibility, Mentorship, & Job Opportunities

Relating to Frederick Douglass: the Photographer, the Sitter, and the Viewer

April 26, 2019 7-9pm at BKC:: Analogue: the continued relevance of film and darkrooms

Speakers: Rachel Jun (Gowanus Darkroom), Birgit Buchart (Lomography USA), Geoffrey Berliner (Penumbra Foundation),

Lonnie Graham (Film Photographer)

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Video clips:

Why Are People Still Using Film?

How has Analogue Technology Affected your Work and Process?

Why are we Coming Back to Film?

Is the Desire to Use Film on the Rise?

The Disappearance of Film Varieties

Can the Analogue Community Sustain Longterm?

How is the Analogue Industry Taking Concern for the Environment?

March 15, 2019 7-9pm at BKC:: Seasoned Photographers: sustaining a long career

Speakers: Eric OgdenJonas GustavssonGulnara SamoilovaDorie Hagler

Video clips:

You Can't Eat Exposure

How Has the Photo Industry Changed?

Pros and Cons of Analogue Photography

Avenues of Income

Negotiating Work & Contracts and Discussing $

Using Slow Times to Self Promote

Your Point of View is the Most Important Thing

Be Seen to Get Work

Being Valued for Your Work

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