The word Disconnect (meaning: to unplug or go offline) has become a ubiquitous term used in our everyday modern lives. Technology has allowed for new connections, access to people and places all over the world, while simultaneously distracting us from the present moment. This conflict poses the question: How does our online socializing equate to more human connection and within this duplicity, what broader meaning might we find in the word Disconnect?

These ideas were explored in visual narratives that became a group exhibition and then later into a magazine.

Disconnect, a group photography show, was presented by Seeing Collective in partnership with BKC and Lomography. The exhibition features work by 30 emerging artists with guest curation by Kara Milstein (Associate Photo Editor, Time Magazine), Eric Ogden (Photographer), J.J. Reddington (ICP Educator and Photographer at Buzzfeed).

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