A Photography Print Sale Supporting Artists In A Time Of Crisis

We are proud to be partnering with BKC on the launch of an online print shop to support photographers and artists in our community who are suddenly facing a huge loss of income due to the Covid-19 health crisis.

Freelance photographers and visual artists can now sell their work in our Artist Relief Online Shop with 100% of all net proceeds going directly back to the artist/ photographer. 

100% of Proceeds go to the Artists

The online store platform went live today and you can now view the artwork and make purchases from the site. To exercise safety in our community, BKC will be printing and fulfilling all orders in-house to reduce the number of handlers. AND there will be Free Shipping included on all orders made within the US. 

So spread the word to family, friends or anyone you know who may be interested in sprucing up their home with a beautiful print while at the same time supporting artists through a financially difficult time. 

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